SHAKERATTLE&ROLL (It’s a List!) Description

“Shake, Rattle, and Roll (It’s a List!)” is a improvisational score that is intended to be superimposed upon a predetermined public space with the opportunity for an incidental audience. Taking place on the 24th, 26th, and 28th of July, 2015, in Times Square, Riis Beach (Queens), and Central Park (“The Mall”), respectively, the improvisational score is based off an arbitrary list of fifteen different “dance moves” that act as tools for the members/”players” of Fooju Dance Collaborative to implement for the duration of this two hour long happening/game. Free-will and constant reassessment of their fluctuating social relationship will guide the players through the score that will additionally include serval themes: The members responding to their audience, interacting with the other participating players of Fooju, reacting to their environment, and other unforeseen events. The members of Fooju Dance Collaborative will use these “dance move tools,” polo shirts, and helium filled balloons attached to party hats on top of their heads to create spectacle. If the spectacle is successful, the intention of the events is to create a dream-like experience that offers an alternate reality for those who encounter them. The ambition of the players of Fooju Dance Collaborative is to practice “unperforming” and “responsive dance” as they focus on the use of play to connect with the viewer, the space around them, and the other players. “Shake, Rattle, and Roll (It’s a List!)” is an attempt to explore the value of Dance as a language and it’s potential for use within the context of varying public representations of societal and cultural constructs.

Program notes, event details, and photographic documentation (pics) will be available to the viewer on Instagram: @foojudance, #foojudance. The use of Instagram is an effort to extend the experience of the audience and the players into social media and thereby furthering the exploration of spectacle and dance in a secondhand context.

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