Fooju is quEEr

Fooju is {h}U*Man*{ity}


photo: William Starr 2011

Fooju is REgurgitated, REemphasized REnaissance

Fooju is if Graham, Fosse and Duchamp had a parrot together{*}This parrot sits in a room full of clouds



Photo: Joe Desimone 2016

Fooju is an internet dust bunny behind the cyber sofa where it’s dark.

Where a man with no hands plays an organ. That organ is your heart. the man looks familiar.


photos courtesy of Ayala Gazit 2015

Fooju is mania in s l o-m o

Fooju is a Mystical Migraine

Fooju is punkfunkjunkPUNK

Fooju is e-a-s-y


photo by Ayala Gazit 2015

Fooju is wrong and the wronged and we’re ‘wrong’ to be accidentally (These Are Your) Right(s)

Fooju is thrifted Artaud


Photo: Joe Desimone 2016

Fooju is shifted transcendence

Fooju is a Dada grocery store- TOYS FOR PETS!

… a silent typhoon delivery service named Dance


photos courtesy of Ayala Gazit 2015

Fooju is honest and surreal and without contradiction

Fooju is contradiction, a boring joke < ^ Like this one.


Photo: Joe Desimone 2017

Fooju is culturally relevant

Fooju is socially irreverent

Fooju is educated yet disappointing

Fooju is not ignorant


Fooju feels important and yet is generous

Fooju Dance Collaborative is meant to frame the queerer qualities of existence by placing performative dance theatre outside the context of the proscenium; its purpose is to expressively and colorfully highlight the idiosyncrasies of the human experience.

Fooju is the interior designer of your dreams, eating popcorn on the edge of your nightmares.


Photo: Joe Desimone

Fooju is the manipulation of visceral, incidental, or accidental creative impulses into dance that mimics the subconscious of dreams. 


Photo: Joe Desimone 2017



Photo: Joe Desimone 2016

Fooju just happened to you. 

We want to make the chimerical intimately real.

OR it is the wet popcorn you ate anyway.  



photo cred: Stanley Sigalov 2011

The name “Fooju” was birthed out of my own clumsiness. I mixed up “feng shui” and “juju,” and just blurted it out. Immediately, I wanted the word to stick. The principle of accepting happenstance as creativity is central to my choreographic process: playful clumsiness becoming refined into crafted dance.

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